Monday, December 17, 2012

Street Photography with the Leica

"Excuse me, I'm taking a photography course and was hoping to take your photo?"
"Sure that will be fine," most people answered.
"Let me refocus and shoot one more."

I spent my day shooting on Yonge Street in Toronto. Since it was on a street, I guess it's "Street Photography". I came out of Union Station around 9am and tried to grab a few images at Yonge and Front, then up to King Street.

I brought a wider lens this time, deciding to shoot with the Zeiss Biogon 28mm f2.8 ZM on an M6 with Ilford Delta 400 film. I set the ISO dial to 200. It was an overcast day with a bit of drizzle. Not many shadows and the exposure changed little if I shot towards the sun or with my back to the sun. I didn't actually see the sun all day.

I did bring along the B+W 040 filter I use for black and white film, but with no blue sky to darken it would have little effect and I could use the two stops of light it uses.

For the most part I was shooting with the 28mm at f4 at 1/125 seconds. I try and shoot around f4 until I can get the shutter speed up to 1/500th, then I'll stop down if it's bright enough. I would like a bit more depth of field, but find I need the higher shutter speed to get the photo sharp. I'm not as steady as I used to be. In fact I'm considering using a monopod for street photography. Yikes.

I walked up as far as Bloor Street then headed back down towards Union Station. I had about an hour to wait for the next train, so headed across Front Street to the weird flat iron building that everyone shoots, and tried to use it as a background. Not sure if it worked.

The best shot I made was outside "The Big Slice" pizza joint. I was heading there for a slice for lunch and noticed two delivery guys pushing a cart up a ramp into the store. By the time I crossed the street they were up and gone but I noticed the ramp set up so figured they would be back with another load. After a quick slice, I waited outside for the magic moment and fired off two frames.
Click, click.
And I'm back on the move.

I noticed the frame counter on the M6 was sticking at 22 frames again. I just had this fixed last month, What's Up With That?

Rob Skeoch

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