Saturday, December 29, 2012

Street Photography, Leica M9 and Zeiss Biogon 25mm

I've just began the second semester in my pursuit of a Master Degree in Fine Art, and on Saturday headed out the door early to start shooting.

The project is a documentary on Hamilton's North End. The area is a mix of residential, light industry, like owner operator car repair shops, and heavy industry like the steel mills. The course is run through Maine Media College and my mentor for this project is career photojournalist Peter Turnley. I talk with Peter once a week as we come up with things to consider.

We settled on this project on Friday, so Saturday morning I headed out early and started walking the area. Surprisingly the area had little activity on Christmas Saturday. Although the temperature only read -1 degree, the wind was howling and it seemed much colder. Not many people were out, and a diner I planned to visit was closed. The plan isn't to shoot urban landscapes but that's all I got on the first day out. Not many people about.

One of my goals for this project is to have a constant look to the photographs instead of my normal style, which is all over the place. It was explained to me as an author uses sentence structure to be consistent throughout the novel, with photography you can gain this consistency by using the same lens instead of a bag of different optics.

For the first days shooting I took the Zeiss 25mm ZM and the M9. The lens is flawless on the M9 and I'm usually happy with the photos I get with it. These three shots were all slightly cropped. I'm still not that good at framing with the M9 and find my images are sloppy on the edges a lot of the time.

The photo with the tires didn't work as well as planned. I had a shot in mind and took a frame without a subject. Then I found this guy having a smoke while his tire was being changed, I didn't get him into the spot I wanted and the image is lacking.

Rob Skeoch

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