Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Street Photography with the Zeiss Ikon and 35mm f2

I was meeting a friend downtown Toronto this morning for a coffee and decided to spend a couple hours on Bloor Street shooting whatever I saw. I'm tired, or maybe bored of carrying an SLR style camera, they're heavy and the zoom lens is so big, so I grabbed the Zeiss Ikon rangefinder and put a roll of Delta 400 black and white film in it.

I don't shoot much on the street, in fact, I would say I never shoot on the street, so I learned a few things today. 

First, I wasn't ready in time. I took the train into Toronto and put a couple boxes of film into a Billingham Hadley bag, along with the camera and some extras. I planned to set the camera up on the train, load the film, put on the filter, and attach the wrist strap. Well the first picture I missed was while waiting for the train, well before I was ready.

I loaded Delta 400 film and set the ISO at 125. Over exposed, but I find the meter in the camera a bit red sensitive and was planning to use the B+W040 orange filter to darken the sky... and expected the meter to under expose.... so I use the ISO 125 setting. 

I also attached a wrist strap instead of a neck strap. It worked better today than in the past and I think the reason was I attached it to the side of the camera away from the shutter release. This way I don't have to grip the camera with the strap in my hand. It worked better this way.

The lens was the Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2. I only brought along one lens. The 35mm is a classic choice and many photographers have created successful images with it. The Zeiss has a more realist price point than the Leica version, and the quality is outstanding. 

Overall I was pleased with how the shooting went and will add a few images as I get them printed. 

There were a couple images that might have been better with a 28mm, so maybe I'll drag that along next time instead of the 35mm.

Rob Skeoch 
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  1. Hi Rob

    I like your review. I did street photography in the past summer and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I shoot with NEX-7 in B&W mode (RAW+JPG). I wish Sony had more options for B&W effects build into the camera... colour filters like orange, red, green and yellow... and blue too. I only have 3 lenses with NEX-7, 18-55mm, 16mm f2.8 and ultra wide adapter lens for the 16mm. Right now I am trying to get affordable prime E-mount lenses. Looking to get the 50mm f1.8 and then the 35mm f1.8, I wish Sony made the 24mm f1.8 in non Zeiss lens for cheap people like me:-) I have a feeling Sony will introduce ~85mm f1.8 in the near future to complete the fast prime lens line up. I also believe Sony will release FF NEX camera in 2013..(NEX-9???)

    I have a plan to do Toronto street photography next summer with some of my photo friends, you are welcome to come if you want and can. What is a good place to do street photo shooting in Toronto?


  2. I was just on Bloor St. in the Annex area. There are a lot of great areas though; Chinatown, Annex, Young and Dundas.

    The NEX7 is a great choice as well. I'm sure you're getting great photos.

  3. Chinatown it is, are you coming?:-)