Thursday, September 29, 2011

NEX7 with Zeiss 24 and 25 and Leica M9 with Zeiss 35

I had some fun this week using and comparing the Sony NEX7 with the Leica M9. I'm not sure what purpose this testing would have but it was fun. It wasn't all that scientific either. These are all jpegs right out of the camera.

This is taken with the Leica M9 and the Zeiss 35mm at F5.6. White balance was set to shade.

This is taken with the Sony NEX7 and the Zeiss 25mm in the M-mount at F5.6. White balance was set to shade.

This is taken with the Sony NEX7 and the Sony Zeiss 24mm at F5.6. White balance was set to shade.
Rob Skeoch
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  1. Nice comparison, the one that most interests me.

    It's hard to see a difference between these downsized images, the M9 price isn't justified anymore.

    Could you please post the full sized images ?

    It will allow us to pixel peep the differences.


  2. I think in the title and the second photo caption you meant to say Zeiss 35mm rather than 25mm.

  3. If not full size, at least 100% crops.

  4. The best would be to compare these cameras with naked pictures of this model !

  5. No it is the Zeiss 25mm on the NEX.
    The 35mm is on the M9

  6. VERY interesting, thanks! The ZM 25mm does look a touch underexposed and Leica WB seems off. However you said it wasn't a "scientific" test but nevertheless it is interest to see. Any chance for full size pics?

  7. I shoot raw only with my M9 because the JPG engine is not impressive, and the auto white balance is fairly random. A RAW, corrected test would be much more informative. The detail in the hair is lacking in the M9 shot - it looks like the level of detail normally present at high ISO - but without a balanced RAW file the implications are unclear.

  8. I agree that the shots need correction, and they could easily be corrected in Photoshop but if I corrected everything then you wouldn't be able to see how the files look right out of the camera.

  9. Some comments have said the M9's WB Is off. Personally, I think the Sony's is more off. Is she the lady from goldfinger or something? (according to the NEX, anyways)

  10. Setting the WB to shade was probably not necessary for the NEX-7. Seemed to have helped for the M9 though.

  11. is the M9 WB off or was the color fairly accurate for that session?