Monday, September 26, 2011

The 3-D quality of a Zeiss lens

A couple weeks back I was asked if the Sony E-mount Zeiss 24 has the same 3-D pop you find with the other Zeiss lenses on the market.

I wasn't sure, so I put the lens on the NEX7 and left it there for a few days. Anytime I had a chance to take a snapshot I would use this combo.

I really don't know if it has a 3-D effect. I'm not sure the other lenses do either. Maybe people are seeing something I don't see or maybe they know what they're looking for.

The lens has a lot of pop, but then it should, it's a premium lens made by a top brand. The fact that it's slightly wide on the APS sensor helps as well. I think it has a nice effect, seems very sharp, good colour (which you would expect) but I don't know if it has a 3-D look. Of course if I put the NEX7 in the 3-D mode and did a sweep 3-D shots to watch on the Sony 3-D TV with the crazy 3-D glasses, now that would be cool.

I'll try that next.

If you're looking for a Zeiss lens in the Leica M-mount for your NEX camera you can find them at my retail store. I don't sell Sony gear but cater to the rangefinder crowd.

Rob Skeoch

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  1. You've written that the 28mm focal length is a classic for the 35mm format. It's an angle of view close to my heart for sure. I'm wondering, though, how best to get that angle on a NEX camera. ZM lenses are surely an option.

    I've been using a NEX-c3 with m mount lenses and am very curious about how well Zeiss ZM lenses will work with the NEX-7, especially the ZM 18mm f/4 and the 21mm f/2.8. Have you had a chance to put them together?

  2. This week I'm comparing the images from the M9 to the NEX7... and also different M-mount lenses on the NEX7... I just haven't had time to write it yet.