Friday, September 30, 2011

Using the Sony Zeiss 24mm and the M-mount Zeiss 25 on the NEX7

These are a few more comparisons between the two Zeiss lenses on the 24mg Sony NEX7 camera. These were in the open shade and the white balance was set to shade. The ISO was 200.

They were both done in manual focus.... which is very easy on the camera since you can switch to the enlarged focus area very easily, and you can set this area to any place in the viewfinder.

This was done with the NEX7 and the Sony Zeiss 24mm lens.

This image was taken with the Sony NEX7 and the Zeiss M-mount 25mm lens.

Rob Skeoch
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  1. Are these straight out of the camera JPEGs? If not, has there been any vignetting correction done? I don't see any really objectionable light fall off in the ZM 25, which I was expecting to see based on your green lawn/building series of tests. Are my eyes deceiving me? Thanks Rob...

  2. These are straight out of the camera jpegs.
    No corrections.
    I thought they looked good myself.