Sunday, September 25, 2011

Using the Sony NEX7 with the Zeiss E-mount 24mm

The Sony NEX7 with the Sony Zeiss Sonnar E 1,8/24ZA seems to be a nice combo for a walk around camera. The lens is slightly larger than I would have expected but feels good in your hand.
The NEX7 seems to have the controls set up well for shooting in "Manual" Mode. The twin wheels on top work well as Aperture and Shutter Speeds although I always turned the right wheel first, even though I thought I was on the left wheel. It will take a few more days to get the feel down without having to look at the camera. Only an issue if you use a viewfinder like me, since with LiveView you would see the wheel.

The only other issue I have had with the camera is my large thumb moves off the thumb bump and right onto the "record" red dot. Sometimes I put the camera into record mode without knowing it. I'm sure I'll figure this out as well.

These shots were all done from a moving boat while I was hard at work. Yes, that's me with the bass. They were done at ISO 200, manual mode, either F8 or F9, AWB, straight jpegs from the camera.

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Rob Skeoch


  1. Beautiful shots; I've been living abroad now for a while, but these make me miss Ontario.

    I'm very interested in the NEX-7, so your comments are very interesting. As to that pesky record button, maybe there's a way to disable it in the custom menu like on my Panasonic GH2. If not, that might be a suggestion to Sony.

  2. Thanks for the pictures. Can you comment on the focus speed? Does it seem any faster than the other NEX models? I'll be chasing a 5 year old so this is an important consideration for me.

  3. Were it not for the fact that Sony uses that weird hotshot design, Tim Isaacs of could probably design a Thumbs Up for the NEX-7.

  4. I should ask Tim about it.... I sell his other Thumbs Up products.