Monday, January 10, 2011

Price jump from Ilford

I received this Monday late afternoon. This is from the Canadian distributor of Ilford and Kentmere. I haven't had a chance to compare the prices but a quick glance looked like 25% on film like HP5 8x10.

As a result of the unprecedented rise in the price of silver over the past
year, the key raw material in Photographic film and paper, Harman
Technology - Ilford and Kentmere branded products - have announced a
significant price increase effective Feb. 1, 2011. The increase applies to
all Silver Halide based products including Ilford and Kentmere black and
white papers, films and Scientific products. Chemical and accessory items
are not affected by this increase.

Due to stock limitations, we reserve the right to limit purchases on all
Ilford and Kentmere film and paper products that are covered by this

I'll try and post the new prices on my website tomorrow.

-Rob Skeoch

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