Saturday, September 18, 2010

Keep your eye on the ball

I've always loved shooting tennis. It's tougher than it looks. Well it's easy to get the player hitting the ball. The hard part is getting it all in focus.

I've taken these shots with the Sony A55 which has a real-time autofocus. It doesn't predict where the focus should be, but continues to focus in real-time even while you're taking the photo. The fact that it's 10-frames per second helps with getting the ball in the shot.

Now the hard part about shooting tennis is getting accreditation to the big tournaments.
You can see a video about this shoot here.

Rob Skeoch


  1. Thanks, these are looking great!

  2. looking great and while I'm not in the market to replace the A700 just yet shots and stories like your's are certainly indicating the Sony has a future for me.

    As for shooting tournaments - I've found guards dont realise the 500mm mirror is a 500mm lens (after I've replaced the 5 with a 2) and I've got it in to a couple of events for a bit of guerilla shooting. Obviously it needs pretty good light though and doesnt really work indoors.