Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another game with the Sony A55

I took the Sony A55 out for another couple games.
Again with the Sony 70-400G lens on a Gitzo mono-pod. You can order the mono-pod from my store if you're interested.

These are the cropped files from the shoot. Everything was shot as a horizonal because there is no vertical release for this camera and it's hard on the shoulder shooting verticals without one.

All the photos were done in the 10-frame-per-second burst mode.... were the camera shoots wide open at around 1/500 second and drops the ISO as low as possible.

My first suggestion to Sony will be to set this to 1/1000 second and sacrifice some ISO speed.

I'm getting better with the EVF. I think I have the camera set-up now how I will like to use it.

I did set the focus to the "local" area and picked a square towards the top centre.

You can watch the video about this shoot and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Rob Skeoch

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