Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a Pear

The light pushed it's way in through the diffuser on the left and wrapped around the two pieces of fruit. All I had to do was bounce a bit of light into the shadows and set up the camera.

This was one of the easier days of the challenge. Two frames with the 8x10 Ebony and it was off to the darkroom to soup the film. Some days things just fall together....other days they just fall apart.

I'm enjoying using the 8x10 the most during the challenge. This was done on Ilford Delta 100 film souped in a drum in ID-11. The lens was the Fuji 300mm C at F32 and eight seconds. I gave the shot two stops of bellows factor. It was slightly thin, but makes a nice print.

Rob Skeoch

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  1. That's a nice one Rob. Nice lighting and tones.