Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photographers are Lone Wolves

Last week at the Metro Zoo I learned they feed the polar bears each day at noon. Today I tried to plan my work day so I could grab lunch at the zoo and try for a photo of the bears chowing down.

Ya, ya the bears are interesting but I was mesmerized by the Arctic Wolves next to them. These wolves were so exciting I didn't even go over to see the bears eat.

I stood there for the whole hour watching the pack walk back and forth. I'm sure passersby thought I was the Lone Wolf, standing next to a bush, trying not to move, long past the normal viewing time.

I made a pretty nice photo.

I'm not sure how the real wildlife photographers do it... spending months to try and make a few great frames. I was happy to steal an hour away just to stand by myself and watch.

Rob Skeoch

I used a Sony 70-300mm G lens on the Alpha A850 full frame to make this uncropped image.

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