Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tired of the fight.

In the fall of 2013 my dad started battling leukemia. Chemo started right away with seven sessions out of a 28-day cycle. By Christmas things were looking bleak with a blood count around 65. My brother slept on the couch at his place since we didn't want him to slip off alone. We moved him to my sisters over Christmas since she was off for the holiday, and then afterwards instead of moving back on his own, he moved to my place.
He has bad days and good days. 
On a bad day he lies in bed and watches the ceiling fan. I call those "fan days" and I think we'll all have our share of them at some point. Waiting for time to march on.
On a good day, he'll walk around the house, come downstairs and sit on the couch, even play cards. Not sure if it will get better than this.
The more good days we have the better.

-Rob Skeoch 

Although I've worked as a photographer all my life, I'm currently back at school trying to finish my Master of Fine Arts Degree at the Maine Media Workshops and College. Cig Harvey is the my mentors on this documentary on dad. 


  1. Hey Rob, I feel your pain. About 3 months ago, I lost my Da. He was 99, and fortunately he "lived" until he died. He used to play the fiddle with me when I got out the old button accordion. The old place rang with the old Celtic tunes from long long ago....I miss him.

  2. Sorry to see thos Rob. Hers to hoping his battle enda with contnetmen for you and your family