Thursday, October 10, 2013

"French Kiss" Peter Turnley's new book

There's a new book out that looks very interesting.

Peter Turnley's "French Kiss, a Love Letter to Paris". The book contains Peter's work on the streets of Paris over the past 40 years.

Peter was my mentor last term as I worked on my Master of Fine Arts Degree at the Maine School of Media and Design. Through Peter I started my documentary on Kenilworth Avenue in Hamilton that I'm still plugging away on.

With Peter's new book there are a number of great interviews and on-line stores about his work, after all he is one of the top photojournalists working and spent 17 years shooting around the world for Newsweek Magazine.

Peter also runs a series of workshops on photojournalism and street photography in various cities around the world. I know that he helped me a great deal in my work with the course I took. Maybe you could benefit from a week with a great photographer as well.

If you want to see some of the work from the book, then check out the New York Times piece here.

There's also a nice video on Peter that Leica did, here.

You can learn a great deal from the two part series done by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) here and here.

The book is easy to order. You can order it directly from Peter right here. I know I'll be ordering one.

-Rob Skeoch 

Although I've worked as a photographer all my life, I'm currently back at school trying to finish my Master of Fine Art Degree at the Maine Media Workshops and College. 

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