Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Sony RX1R compared to RX1

I have the Sony RX1R for a couple hours. I've tried to take the same photo with both the RX1R and RX1. These were shot RAW and jpeg, but I have no way to open the RAW.

Shot Aperture priority at f5.6. ISO200. Hand held.

The RX1 is a production model. The RX1R is a pre-production model, but is the highest quality next to full-production. Images have been up-loaded full size but it only views a portion of the file.

Taken with RX1R

Taken with RX1R

Taken with RX1

Taken with Rx1

-Rob Skeoch 

Although I've worked as a photographer all my life, I'm currently back at school trying to finish my Master of Fine Art Degree at the Maine Media Workshops and College.

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