Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shooting on the street with the new Sony RX1

I had a chance to borrow a Sony RX1 for a couple days with a viewfinder. This is their new full-frame digital with the prime Zeiss 35mm f2 lens. While I was shooting in Hamilton I came up with the great idea of shooting in both RAW and jpeg... and setting the jpegs to black and white while the RAW remained in colour. It seemed like a great idea at the time until I realized back at the computer that my old version of LightRoom doesn't open the RAW files, so I'm stuck with the black and white jpegs until I can get a copy of Sony software.

Once again I ran into Mitch while walking the Kenilworth Ave area. As I spend more time on the street I'm meeting the same people over and over and getting to know how they like their coffee. I've chatted with a couple a number of times but still haven't gotten permission to take a photo. I'll keep asking though.

I've been walking into the small shops and getting to know the owners as much as I can. I think it's a fair trade if they let me make a portrait to send a copy of the digital file, or for some people who don't have email, I'll make a print.

This is Andrew back at the New Hope Bike Co-op, which I use as a base to meet people in the area, and get out of the cold.

-Rob Skeoch

Although I've worked as a photographer all my life, I'm currently back at school trying to finish my Masters in Fine Art Degree at the Maine Media Workshops and College.

Peter Turnley is one of my mentors and the project I'm working on is a documentary on north Hamilton.

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