Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Hope Bike Co-op, portraits of the workers

Andrew, who runs the New Hope Bike Co-op in Hamilton, lives just down the street with his wife. The building he's in is scheduled to come down but the owner is waiting for the right building permits to tear it down. The apartment he has is nice but when you open the door to the back rooms it's a different story. The ceiling is falling in, walls are peeling, shelves are just hanging there. With the building being torn down there's no use spending money to fix up the rooms, so they just shut the doors to the back half and live in the nicer front area.

Arland, helps out at the bike shop when he can. He can't work his regular job right now because he broke his collar-bone in a fall. He lives down the road from the co-op but took me on a tour of the place he used to live in next to the shop. It's a house that was scheduled to be torn down as soon as the permits get approved. They're planning to put a parking lot on the spot where the house sits.

Nicola, also helps out at the co-op when she can. She toured Arland's old house with me and found some of the writing on the wall interesting. The place has been trashed with graffiti everywhere.

Rob Skeoch
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