Saturday, March 24, 2012

First images with Sony Alpha A57

I have the A57 for the weekend.
I drove my daughter to work and decided to take a few images where she worked. Then it started raining and was cold, so I wimped out and came home and posted the pictures. I've put the flickr info below each image in case you want to see the whole file. I can't upload the hi-rez to blogger.

If there is something you want me to test while I have the camera I will try, but it goes back Tuesday morning.

These images are very basic but show the quality. All were taken at ISO 400, handheld, 100mm Sony Macro lens, shutter speed between 1/200 and 1/400. Lens around f3.5.

I will blog regarding the use of the camera if it stops raining and I can get out and shoot a bit more.

Rob Skeoch
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  1. Hey there! can you please, since you're stuck at home anyways, take some indoors / bad lighting pics with the kit lens and a 50mm? I am very interested to see how the a57 would stack up against the NEX-5n and D5100. Thanks!

  2. Great idea.
    I would also love to watch low light images .
    These outdoor shots look good , .
    I like the colors.

  3. Firstly I loved the tractor picture - just beautiful
    Secondly, this might be a big ask on short notice - as someone who did sports photography would you be able to test the continuous shooting for action photography. A big part of my hobby is school sports photography (I am a teacher) and my Alpha 200 is slow on this front. There seem to be very divided opinions on this feature on the A65/ A77
    Finally thank you for sharing the photos with us and for your offer of help and insight

  4. Hi!

    The most interesting feature in this A57 is definitely "Pixel Super Resolution Technology", which promises 2x digital zoom, without significant loss in resolution. Can you say something about this. Is it as effective as it has been advertised?

  5. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)