Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thou Shall Not Take Your Camera To Church

Today started off with a long bus ride to a church in the country. I'm trying different gear each day and today I brought along the Sony A77 dSLR and the Zeiss Ikon film rangefinder. I had left the film camera behind yesterday but was missing it. I only use it for black and white but they make nice gallery prints if it's the right image.

The church had no lights and the windows on one side were mostly blocked up with loose bricks to keep the wind down. I had the A77 on sticks since I was using it for video as well, so shooting in the dark church wasn't an issue. I think it was 1/60 second wide open at f2.8 for the most part. I brought along two lenses, the new 16-50mm Sony which is a prototype and the 100mm macro which is so great for portraits.

The service started off with the women singing and I made a couple shots.

As the service continued on I found this cute shot from the back of the boys not paying attention.

Following the service I grabbed a shot of this mother and child. You have to cut me some slack on the crop.... I'll take the women on the right off but in the field I have no ability to edit the photos and everything is straight out of the camera. I can hardly get things posted to the web in Malawi. Think of it as a square.

Once the service was done the members formed a long line to move a field of bricks that had been drying. I made a number of images of this with the A77 but found it the perfect situation for black and white so shot a roll or two with the Zeiss Ikon and the Zeiss Biogon 25mm f2.8 with a B+W 040 filter to give me some sky detail. I should have those souped by Christmas. LOL
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