Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Sony NEX 7 takes up the space of a deck of cards

Sitting in the terminal in Germany.

This is the first assignment where I've brought along the new Sony NEX7 and A77 cameras. Since they are both preprodution I wont use them for any of the serious work but they sure are small and easy to travel with.

If you take the lens off the NEX7 it's hardly bigger than a deck of cards, yet has all the punch of a full size camera with it's 24 mg sensor.

I was also able to bring along the Sony Zeiss 24mm f1.8, the new portrait 50mm and the 55-210 zoom. I expect to use the lenses for both video and stills.

Too round out the gear I have an A77 with 16-50mm, a VG10 and a Leica M9 with five Zeiss lenses. I also have the adapter to use the Leica mount gear on the NEX.

Should be fun.

Rob Skeoch

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