Monday, October 10, 2011

NEX7 with SEL16mm F2.8

I thought I would try the Sony NEX7 with every lens I had.
I'm not drawing any conclusions, just posting the images for you to enjoy.
The camera was the latest pre-production version which I just picked up this week.
The ISO was set to 100.
Camera on a man's size tripod.
Self-timer so I didn't jerk anything.
Everything was done on manual focus... used the scene enlarger to focus the best I could.
Aperture priority.

This is the 16mm Sony Pancake @ f2.8

This is the 16mm Sony Pancake @ f8.

Rob Skeoch


  1. You can find the hi-rez files here....

  2. Hello! nice comparison!

    Please, could you show us how nex-7 looks with sel16f2.8 lens attached? That's a problem, because all new lenses for nex-7 are too big! And there is no pics of sel16f2.8 attached to nex-7 at all in the whole internet!!!

  3. What pancake do I want with a Nex7? I fly hexacopters!

  4. I would get the Sony 20mm f2.8. I like it better than the 16.