Monday, October 10, 2011

How much video can you shoot on the NEX7

Someone asked me to test the NEX7 for video, and see how far it goes before shutting down.
Wow, how easy was this going to be.

First time the battery died.
Let the camera cool for a clean start.

Second time I touched the camera and turned the video off by mistake.
Let the camera cool for a clean start.

Third time the card filled up.
Let the camera cool for a clean start.

Finally I was able to turn on the camera and walk away from it without blowing the test.
The answer is 29.50. Then I tried it again to be sure. Same answer 29.50.

If a camera can do video for 30 minutes, it's called a video camera, and taxes and duties are paid at the video rate. To keep dSLR's considered still cameras they have to stop video before the 30 minutes are up.

A real world example would be a photographer at the Olympics. If his camera will shoot for 30 minutes he is considered a videographer and must have video credentials. If his camera does some video but less than 30 minutes he is considered a still photographer and stands over there, behind the video guys. LOL

So the NEX7 will do the maximum allowed.

While I was testing the NEX7 I decided to try the Sony Alpha A77. Same answer 29.50.

Hope this answers your question.

Rob Skeoch


  1. Hey Rob thx for running this test reslly appreciate it. Just to confirm was this done shooting in the 1920 x 1080 60p (PS 28mbps) mode? This is the most demanding mode and causes the nex 5n to overheat at around 12min. Plz confirm thx

  2. It shut down on its own, or overheated?

  3. I think it's programed to shut down at this time.

  4. Hey im new to this...after 30 minutes of continuous recording, can you make another 30 minute clip?