Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shooting concerts with Sony's A900 and Zeiss 135mm

I continued to test a few camera/lens combos at the Burlington Blues Country Music Festival last weekend.

I took along the Sony A900 and the Zeiss 135mm f1.8 lens. This is one of the all-time great combos with a full-frame 24mg sensor that has very high resolution. The Zeiss 135mm is one of the nicest lenses on the market and great on the full-frame.

These shots show the full-frame image followed by the crop. With such a large file I have no issues with cropping the image down.

The camera is slightly old school now. No video, not many focus points and the sensor is set up for high resolution and not low light. When you get an image you get great detail. The images were shot just as the sun was dropping. They're in the shadow of the band shell with a bit of direct sun coming through the trees. Lots of even light in open shade.

One thing I found interesting was going back to an Optical Viewfinder after using the EVF of the A33 for the past few months. With the A33 if the image is under exposed, it looks dark through the viewfinder. It looks to bright if it's over exposed. Once you get used to this it's very easy to use the camera in manual mode, just by how the image looks through the viewfinder. With the A900 the view doesn't change when you adjust the exposure. I kept stopping down, hoping to bring the image down, but it doesn't change. I'm surprised but I'm starting to like the EVF more than an optical viewfinder and the A900 has the best OVF on the market.

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