Thursday, July 21, 2011

A few shots with the 100 Macro compared to the Zeiss 135m

I was interviewing a photographer a few weeks back and he mentioned how he loves the Sony 100mm macro on his A900 camera. He mentioned how great the macro was for portraits, and you could move in tight if you needed too. He said he used it for CD cover shots all the time.

Now I've never owned the 100 macro but in 1978 when I shot with the Nikon FM my lens of choice was the Nikkor 105mm f2.5. This Nikon lens was a true classic and I always liked the focal length on film and full-frame digi.

I borrowed the 100 macro and have been trying a few things with it. The first thing I noticed was the Face Detection on the A33 didn't work right with the macro. It would frame the face but wouldn't focus properly on it. No real issue I don't use the feature often anyway... but I thought I would try it.

At this event the lens was a bit short and I liked the angle of view better with the Zeiss 135mm. The first shot is with the 100mm macro. The next two are the Zeiss 135mm.

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  1. Get closer! the flat field should make it possible to do really tight framings. I'd worry most about slow AF, though for concert shots where I don't have stage access I usually stick to focus/recompose or just prefocus and wait to it probable turned out fine.