Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nice subtle colours with the Sony A35

I was using the A35 with the 70-400 G-Series lens at my local zoo. These shots were done in the overcast light with the camera and lens on a monopod. I thought the colours from the camera were very good. Nice subtle tones and nice contrast.
For the most part I used the camera on Aperture Priority and had the ISO set to 400. I tried to keep the focus on the eye of the animal.
There are a number of things I liked about the new camera over the A33 and A55. I thought the EVF was better. It seems to have better detail and is very useful for chimping your images. You could do this with the LiveView screen but sometimes it's hard to see in the outdoors. The sensor seems to produce a great amount of resolution. I'm going to print up a couple large prints this week so I can see how they hold up.

One think I don't like is my hand keeps turning on the "White Balance" setting when I hold the camera. It's just the way the A35 fits into my hands but I'll be shooting away then the "White Balance" will come because I've rubbed the switch with my hand. I still wish Sony would add a lock to the settings and controls.
Rob Skeoch

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