Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birds in flight with the Sony A35

The great thing about Sony's latest Alpha cameras is how well the focus works. I have zero experience in shooting birds in flight but when I attended the Bird of Prey Show I tried to get a few shots.
This first one is easy... it's just sitting on the glove of the handler. The background goes to tone because of the length of the lens I was using. It's just out of focus grass.
This small falcon flying was harder to shoot. I think if I went to the show again I could nail it but the birds come out of no-where and by the time I found them they were almost done their flight. It would help to see the show again and try and get a few more sharp frames. This shot does look good though, it's slightly cropped and shot with the Sony 70-400 G-Series.

The owl is a bigger bird and was easier to get in focus.

This bird was huge, I had a number of shots in focus but this was the best frame. This only has a slight crop.
Rob Skeoch

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