Saturday, June 11, 2011

A few more snapshots with the NEX-C3

Have you ever wanted a small, light camera, that will take great photos and not break the bank?

When you're watching the size and weight of every items going into the pack you tend to take those items you really need, or those items you really like. Like most travelers I like to include a camera in this mix. Something that takes great quality photos, allows me control of the camera when I want to take it, shoots in both RAW and jpeg, and doesn't take up any space. The Sony NEX-C3 does all that and more.

The new camera came out this week. It seems smaller than the previous model yet gives all the colour and sharpness I'm looking for. Lightweight, it fits in a small case on my belt. I took 152 shots on this outing and about 2 minutes of video. I never had to change my SD card and the battery was still showing over 70% at the end. This combination makes for carefree travel photos and a camera to take with you everywhere.

These shots were all done on the 16mm prime lens and the camera was mostly in the "Intelligent Auto" mode.

The camera has a load of special features and custom functions. The feature I'm always looking for is great image quality. I might use some of the special modes on occasion, but it's the quality of my snapshots that I'm really interested. The C3 seems to have that quality. I'll shoot with it more this week and up-date the post.

Rob Skeoch


  1. Hi ! Great captures ! I liked the color of the foliage in particular !.. ! Do u find it overexposing in the intelligent auto mode as it's predecessor did ?

  2. I haven't really noticed it. I tend to use it on Program of Aperture priority the most.