Monday, March 28, 2011

Large format print exchange

I spent some well deserved time in the darkroom this week.

I'm part of the print exchange that members of the Large Format Photography Forum take part in. This is my first time but I'm excited about it.

You sign up for the exchange and then you make 10 copies of a favorite print. The photo must be shot on large format with-in the last year. You send the prints into the organizer and when she has images from 10 photographers she mails each a stack of 9 prints. I'm looking forward to seeing the vision of the other members.

I picked this image from last years Photo a Day Challenge that I shot on Ilford Delta 100 8x10. I was able to make a nice print on Ilford Ilforbrom Gallerie grade 3 using Bromophen developer.

The last few times I've done darkroom work the prints were 20x24 which are a bit of a hassle to make. This weeks prints were only 11x14 and were much easier to handle. I made all 10 prints in one afternoon.

If you're looking for traditional photo supplies like black and white papers and developers, check out my store.

Rob Skeoch

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