Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hanging around galleries

I don't get many photos hanging in gallery shows.

I wish I entered more but who has time.

I was able to enter a few in this round of the McMaster Innovation Park Gallery show that opens this week in Hamilton and three of my photographs were accepted for the group show.

These black and white images are all shot on 8x10 film and processed in a traditional darkroom. The prints are 20x24, matted and framed.

I've shot with 8x10 for a number of years and consider it the norm for landscapes, I'm sure most people would find the big wood camera exotic and hopefully would be impressed with the print quality from the large negative.

I'm not sure how many of the pieces hanging in the show are photographs or if they're digital or traditional prints.

Mine are from the midwest, an area that sees it's fair share of large format shooters. This one was shot in the California ghost town Bodie.
If you need film to feed your large format camera, or the finest fibrebase black and white papers, I have them all available at my store.

Rob Skeoch

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