Monday, February 21, 2011

Senators hot goalie was the difference

I worked the Leaf-Senator's game last night.

For some reason the photographers were all in a fun mood and working the game was more fun than usual. I don't think it's because the teams doing better, but maybe because we felt the Leaf's could beat the Senators... which they didn't because of a hot goalie.

These shots were all done on the Sony A55 camera and the Zeiss 135mm F1.8 lens. I pushed the sensor to ISO 1600 which gave me an exposure of 1/1200 @ F2.8. I usually shoot from the other side of the rink but this side must be a bit brighter because everything looked a little hot back on the computer. I'll shave another 1/3 stop off next time from this corner.

The lens doesn't focus as fast as others but wow is it sharp when you get one in focus.

I'm still getting used to the Electronic Viewfinder in the A55. My camera is a pre-production model so it doesn't do everything it should, so I constantly get the "slide show" affect when I stop shooting which is very annoying on a camera. This was corrected on the real cameras but mine was never up-dated.

Rob Skeoch

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