Friday, February 25, 2011

Maybe you know someone looking for work.

I do a lot of work at Sony of Canada. My boss mentioned yesterday he was hiring for an entry level job called an "In store merchandiser".

I have no idea what that means but he's looking for 30 of them across Canada. It's full time. Has a fair bit of travel. Every one at Sony starts on a one year contract so don't let that scare you off.

If you know of anyone, with their act together, that's looking for a job in the corporate field, let them know.

In the past most of the hires in this area have been the type of person who wears a suit all the time.... like to the cottage. LOL.

I have no say in the hire, so there's no use sending a brown envelope of cash to me.... although it's always appreciated.

Also a reference from me would work against you.

I think the job starts in the low 30K but don't quote me on that.

Rob Skeoch

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