Monday, January 24, 2011

Sony's looking for a product manager

I realize this job isn't in the News Field, but maybe you know someone like this.

For those people on this site who know me, it's because I work on the Photo Desk at the Hamilton Spectator or through

Some people might know that I also work as a Digital Imaging expert for Sony of Canada. Sony has an opening posted on their website for a Product Manager for their Digital Still Camera position. Maybe you know someone interested.

You can see the link here.

I'm not making the hire but I'll tell what I know.
This is not really a Photography Position.
You need a MBA or PHD in Business.
You need at least five years experience as a Product Manager for a major brand. Not necessarily a camera brand.

The digital still camera division is what photographers would call point and shoots, not the video cameras or Alpha dSLR's.

I would think an interest in photography would be an asset but really this is about projecting sales, setting prices and keeping the pipelines full. Sony is the market leader in the point and shoot category so expect to work a few hours. I think they're looking for someone with major experience as a Product Manager, but maybe you know someone like that.

If you get this job because of my posting... you owe me the lunch special.

Rob Skeoch

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