Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You don't need a fisheye but it's sure nice to have

When do you need the Fisheye at a football game?

Well you never really need it, but it's sure nice to have. It's of no use if you want to shoot the main action at a game. These days you often have to get more than nice action at a game, you have to put together a short slide show of the event as well.

This is why you need the Fisheye. It takes a nothing situation, such as the players running on the field, and gives you a frame for the slide show.
It's also useful for making a more interesting image from a routine "player talks with fans" situation.
You can't use it too often because it has such a signature look to it, but it's a great lens for making a photo out of a boring situation. And it gives you a couple more images for that slide show the editor asked for.

I've been using the 16mm F2.8 on a full frame camera. I know other photographers who are using an even wider lens on the cropped sensor cameras.

Both these shots were done on the Sony A900 with the Sony Fisheye.

Rob Skeoch

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