Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shooting sunflowers in 3D

After shooting the Sunflower Field with the NEX 5 camera yesterday, I had a chance today to up-date the firmware on the camera.

The new firmware allows the camera to shoot Sweep Panoramas in 3-D. I thought this would be worth trying even though I don't have a 3-D TV yet.

I went back to the Sunflower Field along Highway 6 North of Hamilton and spent another hour shooting 3-D panoramas with both the 16mm prime lens and the 18-55 kits lens. I'm going to take the files/camera to the SonyStyle store in Burlington and take a look on their TV.

Shooting 3-D was fun but a little tougher than I expected. You have to sweep the camera in a circular motion to get it to work, and the speed is critical. I'll try and post a video of the technique in the next few days.

Rob Skeoch

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