Saturday, July 3, 2010

Making a few proofs

Once the contact prints were all made it was time to select some shots and make quick proof prints. I call these "quick" prints but really nothing done in the darkroom is actually quick.
The prints were done on 5x7 paper instead of 8x10 to save a bit of money and the paper was just the regular Ilford MultiGrade RC. Once again Bromophen was the paper developer.

I have three enlargers in the darkroom for different size negatives but only one of them will print 35mm. The Leica V35 could be the nicest enlarger ever made and is truly a joy to print with. If you ever get a chance to pick one up, they're a great choice. I recently paid $400 for mine and it's in great shape.

Making the proof's using this enlarger took Hannah another two days.

She now has six sheets of contact prints and about 40 reasonable proof 5x7's. We used the proofs to help judge the contrast for the final prints and also used cropping tools to make a better composition from the selects. I think she's growing weary of the drawn out process.

If you're looking for traditional photography supplies including items needed in the darkroom you can find them at my mail order website.

Rob Skeoch

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