Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring is here, the Leafs are out

This was my final hockey game of the season. I did my first one on Sept. 27th when the Buds played the Red Wings.

We started the preseason off in an up-beat mood and we're finishing the season in an up-beat mood. In between the team won some great games, however they had a 30 game streak at the beginning that they never recovered from.

My photos look the same from start to finish. Half length, the face, the gloves and the stick... with the occasional goal-mouth shot mixed in.

For most of the season I used the Sony A550 with either the Sony 70-200G F2.8 or the 300mmG F2.8. This is the nicest camera I've used for low-light, high ISO shooting.

I shot mostly at ISO1600 although some days I played with the higher ISO settings. Every frame was done on Manual since the light doesn't change that much at the rink.

Now where is my ball glove.

Rob Skeoch

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