Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turning over a new Leaf

At most games I shoot vertical isolated action shots. That's what I do. My pictures all look the same. The face, the gloves and the stick. This shot works great when the paper does a story on the individual player.

I always use a vertical grip because I always shoot vertical. This past game I turned the camera over and zoomed out for more goal mouth action. I rarely shoot this way because my photos aren't used in the next days paper to show the great play of the game. My shots are used a few days later when the paper does a profile on the player.

Different type of picture all together . Usually when some guy is charging the net and scoring I'm on the defenseman trying to get a waist up, tight shot.

It was fun to shoot the guy charging the net for a change. Plus I got a nice shot of the puck going in.

All shot with the Sony A550 and the 70-200 G F2.8.

Rob Skeoch

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