Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Learning to shoot portraits

Portraits of Men
Well the first shot is of Bob, one of the more boring guys I hand around with.

I'm working on my portraits and decided to shoot the first series on the 450mm C Fujinon lens, since it's my favourite.

I've had to switch to Ilford HP5+ film because the Delta 100 was just too slow for what I'm trying to do.

Even with the HP5+ my exposure was 1 second at F16 & 1 second on the 8x10. It was taken right off the Grey Card. I gave it 1 2/3 stops for bellows factor. The only light is the main light just to camera right. I tried to feather the light off his ear a bit using the barndoors.

I only took one frame. I'm going to soup it and make a print on Bromide Grade 2 paper before I do my next shot. There's no use pushing forward when I haven't seen the results of what I did.

Rob Skeoch

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