Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Traveling Light

So I'm back from my trip and have taken a few days to think about the photos I made.

It's hard to make photographs when traveling with the family. The trip wasn't just about pictures, so many of the images are a cross between a snap-shot and something better.

I wasn't really happy with the gear that I took. Way to much gear, way to much bulk. I'm going to figure this out before my next trip but these are some random thoughts.

Some things just need a snapshot. So I do need to carry a point and shoot camera for this. This trip I used the Sony HX5v and was very happy with it. I would take it again.

I do want to shoot some video and am always disappointed with the audio, which means I need to carry a wireless Mic with me. This worked well on this past trip. I don't think I would be happy with the video from the HX5v because you can't add a mic.

I do want to shoot both digital and black and white film. This is where it gets confusing. Next time I will only take one system with me for both film and digital. Maybe a M9 is the answer because I can use my Zeiss Ikon and lenses with it. Maybe the Zeiss Ikon kit with one of the new mirror less cameras that could use the lenses with a converter.

Another option would be to take a digital SLR and a film SLR. This seemed like a good idea but my Minolta camera failed before I even left home. I wasn't impressed.

Maybe I should take a medium format camera to shoot film with. This would give me a boast in quality but has no digital counterpart and the cameras are large, bulky, heavy and I don't have a complete system.

There is a great solution out there.... I just don't know what it is yet.... but I'm searching.

Rob Skeoch


  1. Hi, how would you rate the overall picture quality of the HX5 in low and regular lighting? Also, have you had a chance to take any video?

  2. I'm also working with a Canon S90... good for macro, low contrast outside working fairly close. Quite useful, as long as you learn what it can and can't do. Again, appropriate tools.
    Your Zeiss lens 'tools', although much bigger, are certainly wonderul. They just don't fit in my coat pocket! Life is full of choices.

  3. I did get a chance to shoot some video with it. It's great but I like to use a mic with video to improve the audio. I'm putting together a video about using the HX5v. I'll post the link when I get it done.

    Low light was great... plus the camera has a very wide lens.

  4. When I travel and taking pictures is not the main reason I'm going (family), I've learned to pair it done greatly. I usually just take a digi PnS. Although, if I were going to europe, I'd take along my 40D with two lenses: a mid-range zoom and as fast a wider angle as I could afford. I can convert to b&w later if needed. I've learned to "let go" of my photographer hat and just be a person once in a while.

    I went on a biz trip to Turkey, France, England and Ireland with only my canon a570 and got some great stuff. It won't fill any books but when I look at it, it brings the trip right back.

  5. Hi Rob

    When you are done with the review of HX5v camera I would like to see it. I am planning a trip to Europe for this August (England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland) and I don't really want to carry all my gear. My choice right now would be Sony HX5v (for PnS shots with panorama sweep plus HD video) and my A700 with 24-105 lens or even better Tamron 18-250 (without the VGrip)and of course lots of cards:)

  6. I posted a video about the new camera on youtube.....