Thursday, March 4, 2010

Great Speakers are coming to Toronto

The News Photographers Association of Canada is holding their annual Photojournalism Conference in Toronto April 23, 24, and 25. You can get tickets from the store on their website.

I'm going to list the speakers who are on board so far......

One of the main speakers is David Burnett, I took a week long workshop with David 24 years ago at the Maine Photography Workshops. Besides hard work and long hours any success I've had in photography point right back to this workshop with Dave.

David is a photojournalist with more than 4 decades of experience covering the news and tempo of our age. He has been photographing the world for more than 35 years. After two years in Vietnam, and the demise of Life weekly, he joined the French photo agency Gamma, traveling the world for their news department for two years.

In 1976 he co-founded Contact Press Images in New York, and for the the last three decades, he has traveled extensively, working for most of the major photographic and general interest magazines in the U.S. and Europe. His work encompasses News, Feature, and People pictures, as well as landscapes and scenics. In a recent issue of American Photo magazine Burnett was named one of the "100 Most Important People in Photography."

For the past eight years Andrea Bruce has chronicled the world's most troubled areas as a staff photographer for The Washington Post. Five of those years have taken her to Iraq and the Middle East, where she is now based. She writes a weekly column for The Post called "Unseen Iraq."

Kenny Irby is Poynter's Visual Journalism Group Leader and Director of Diversity. He is an integral figure in visual journalism education, known for his insightful knowledge of photographic storytelling, innovative management ideas, and steadfast ethical thinking. He founded Poynter's photojournalism program in 1995. He teaches in seminars and consults in areas of photojournalism, leadership, ethics, and diversity.

Neil Turner has been publishing articles and essays about his work, the digital process and the nature of the industry. His writing is now largely confined to a blog, although he still sits down at the keyboard and writes for others when he can.

Friday, April 23rd - 6pm onwards Trade Show Including a table from Sony
Portfolio Review The Berkeley Church
and early registration for conference

Saturday, April 24th - 8am Conference Speakers Registration / coffee, etc
The Marriott Bloor Yorkville
Saturday, April 24th - 7pm onwards National Pictures of the Year Awards Gala
The Thompson Landry Gallery

Sunday, April 25th - 8am 8:45 - Door prize draw speakers, etc. conference wraps at noon.

Rob Skeoch


  1. is this conference for experts only? couldn't really figure out the target audience... Rob, do you think this conference is interesting/useful for someone who takes pictures for fun...and is participating in such a 365 day challenge?

    or would you say that you have to be a real Photojournalist?

  2. I think most of the people will be working in the news industry full time or at least part time. Plus students.