Thursday, March 18, 2010

If only Bob had hair

Portraits of Men - The (Wish you had) Hair Light
This is the fourth and final light. The top photo shows the light best as it gives a slight highlight area to the top of the head. I like to have this light rather soft and I get that effect by using a Smith Victor Flood Light with a Diffusion Screen on it. I then point the light straight up into the ceiling and bounce the light around the subject.

If you bring the light too far forward it hits the front of Bob's face or forehead, which I don't like.

If you move the light too far back it doesn't have enough effect and tends to light the background, which I also don't like.

The top photo is just the hair light.
The second photo is all the lights turned on and properly exposed.
The third photo is two stops too dark, but useful for seeing the light effect on Bob's face since some areas look almost white in the middle shot.

Rob Skeoch

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