Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teacher of Life lessons

John Dominis, John Zimmerman, Mark Kauffman, Wally Bennett and Hank Walker. Although not all big name photographers these five photographers and another two whose names I couldn't find, had two things in common.

They were all staff photographers for Life Magazine..... and this is the cool part...... all seven had the same high school photography teacher. That's a pretty good record for a high school teacher.

John Dominis, now in his 90's, mentioned that in the Life years he did a story on "Great Cats" and said "When I got to Nairobi, I went out and bought a Toyota Land Cruiser and I took it to a body shop and had a hole cut in the roof so I could shoot out the top with my long lenses. I never asked anyone if I could buy it; I just did."

Just think what your editor would say if you went out and bought a SUV while on a shoot. LOL.

If you want to find out a bit more about John and his book on Frankj Sinatra you can read David Burnett's blog.

Rob Skeoch

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