Monday, February 1, 2010

One more frame of the grounded boat

I was working near St. Catharines again this week and stopped at the grounded tall ship for another look. I was there on Day 13 as well, you can check that posting for why the ship is there.

I think this is the best angle of the boat and I took one frame with the 8x10. You can go out on the ice if you want since there are ice fishing huts further out but the backside of the boat doesn't look as good. Garbage and clutter become visible as well as the shoreline.

The great thing about 8x10 is if you find an angle you like... just fire one frame and move on.

This is as wide as I could get with the 210mm on 8x10. I'm backed right up to the bushes. If someone has a 150mm that covers the 8x10 format and would loan it to me I would love to go back and try and get the whole boat in.

This was shot on Ilford Delta 100 film using a B+W 040 (yellow-orange) filter to try and get a bit more tone in the sky.

Rob Skeoch

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