Sunday, January 17, 2010

Working in the studio is calming

Today was the calm after the storm. The storm being yesterday's 483 shot fun at the London Children's Museum.

Today I shot a still life in the studio. I've had a few problems with my 300mm lens sticking open... as well as the angle of coverage being too wide for my small space... so I shot the still life today on the 450mm Fuji C lens.

This was the first time I've shot with the bellows stretched all the way open. The bellows extension was 34" which I called a Bellows Factor of two stops.
I'm happy how this one turned out. I still can't get a jet-black background without burning in the print but the contrast and exposure seem right. The 450mm treated the background angle of view better than the 300mm did as well.

Rob Skeoch

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