Sunday, January 3, 2010

The small details come back to bite you

It's the small things that come back to bite you.

I had a chance to process one sheet from Jan. 1st and found out my developer was way to old.... so that frame is real thin.
After mixing fresh chemistry and waiting a day I processed the second frame.

It looked good but there was a small string from the glue gun hanging off the shell which I hadn't noticed in real life but noticed right away on the negative.

So today was day three and I've already had to do one re-shoot. I photographed the shell again, hoping to get it right this time.
This re-take was done on the Ebony 8x10 with Delta 100 and the 300mm Fuji C lens. It was processed in Ilford ID-11 in a rolling drum.

Rob Skeoch

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