Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan 02 Fell twice on the icy trail

I headed to my local waterfall for today's assignment.

It was -11 when I left the Jeep and I was surprised how icy the trail was. I even wiped out twice climbing over the rocks.

I was also surprised how much ice had formed on the river so early in the winter. I wound my way down and set up the camera near some rocks.

The nicest shot was shooting downstream and into the sun and I used a bit of Scheimpflug to keep the rocks, stream and shore in focus.

I did two frames downstream at 1 sec and F32 and a third frame of some rocks on the shore. At this temperature I was ready to head home after about an hour.

Spent a fair bit of time determining the development time to get the contrast just right... then forgot to start the clock after pouring the developer in.

I didn't know I needed to re-learn so many things.
This was taken with the Ebony 8x10 camera with a 210mm lens on Ilford Delta 100.
Rob Skeoch

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