Thursday, November 26, 2009

What are you doing at 4:04 pm PST on Saturday

If it's 4:04 pm PST on Saturday Nov. 28, 2009, that means is 7:04 pm where I live.

At that time I'll be looking up at the moon, and you should be as well.

On Dec. 28th, 1960 the moon was in that very spot and Ansel Adams took his famous picture Moon and Half Dome.

Texas State University astronomer Donald W. Olson and his team have studied the photograph and figured out exactly when the moon will be in that spot.

You can read more about it here....

The encore occurred in 1994 as well.

Rob Skeoch


  1. Hey Rob, just wanted to say I like your blog! I'm a 21 year old out of Detroit Michigan and i just got my first dSLR (sony a300). I love your information on the sony alphas and other types of cameras and after seeing all of your great sports shots I think I may have to go to a game here soon. I would appreciate it if you threw any tips for a young photographer. Good luck and keep posting!

  2. If you go to my regular website... I have a few tips listed there. Enough to get you started anyway.