Friday, August 21, 2009

I've found my way home

It started with the Kodak 420 Digital camera. A Nikon body rebuilt into a Kodak camera with tape lines in the viewfinder drawing out the picture area. What a boat anchor, and it cost $18,000.

After advancing from the Kodak I started shooting with the Nikon D1x. Then sports photographers started a huge exodus from Nikon to white lenses and I started shooting with the Canon EOS 1D Mark II. Then I switched to Sony and had the A700.

These cameras were all great... each one better than the one before, but they all lacked one thing..."Full-frame".

After being lost in the wilderness all these years I've found my way home.

Full-frame is the answer we're looking for. Your wide angles are wide again. Can you remember when a 24mm was wide and a 20mm was crazy wide. A 16-35 is a lens that takes you from really wide to still kinda wide. Not into the portrait range like on a cropped chip camera.

I've been shooting with the Sony A850 full-frame for the while and have been using the A900 for the past year or so. I'm not going back. They can't make me.
Now when I put my 16mm fisheye on my full-frame camera the pictures look like they were taken with a fisheye, not a wide angle with some kind of weird distortion.

You read it hear first. There's nothing wrong with your photos that a full frame camera won't help.... and while your ordering your new camera... buy yourself a fisheye.
These shots were taken with the 16mm Fisheye
on the Sony full-frame A850.

Rob Skeoch

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