Friday, August 9, 2013

Drive by shooting with the large format

Still using my setup and wait technique with the 4x10 camera. 

I'm pretty quick with the set up part although I still spend a lot of time waiting. I thought this collectibles shot looked great on the side of the street I was working. Plus I could park my car right in front. On the last shoot my car alarm kept going off and the car was just around the corner but hard to keep an eye on it. Parking right on the street worked better and I was out shooting before work and before the businesses started to open for the day.

Naseer was driving cab in the area and when he saw my setup he pulled over for a chat. He's lived 12 years in this part of town and felt he should be included in the project. He was very casual until in front of the camera, then his background came out. Photographs were serious business to him and he wanted to look formal in his shot.

-Rob Skeoch

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