Sunday, September 16, 2012

The new Sony A99 at each ISO setting

I had a chance to try the new Sony A99 at each of the ISO settings. These are all with the Zeiss 24mm f2... done on a tripod with the self timer.... it was pretty dark but the files look very clean.











Rob Skeoch
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  1. Hi Rob,

    It looks like there are two dust spots on left hand side of each photo. Are these on the pellicle or the sensor? Also, what aperture were you using for this series?

  2. The noise in these photos do not seem signifiant for my needs until iso 12800 and that looks like that can be cleaned up in LR4 very easily. After some post editing work I would imagine the 25k is usable. I am very excited about this camera. Thanks for the reassurance. This camera will make shooting football under the lights and inside dance competitions and basketball much easier than what I had in the past. I needed 6400 to be clean and it looks like this camera delivers.

  3. hi Rob..
    for iso100 - 6.400, it was great capture of blue sky and also the image result. But when touch down 12.800, the color shift become red,at 25.600 i think it become worst and unacceptable when create so many "false" color at the left side on the grass (open in full size)

    I don't know if this happened because it's noise or because there's accidental light come through (from car maybe).

  4. Hi Rob,
    Thanks for the ISO comparison photos. I too shoot indoor sports photography and need a camera that can shoot noiseless pics at least one stop better than the a77. These are the types of test photos that are really useful for people like me. Can I ask you if you turned on the noise reduction setting for these photos, and if so what level did you use (high-med-low-off)? Thanks !

  5. There was dust on it. I think I picked it up at the rodeo.
    The settings were right out of the box... not sure what level that means.
    The red in the picture could be from a car in the lot, since the lot is off to the left.

    I've returned the camera so can't check for sure.